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Stop right here, because AI Autoblogger is exactly what you need. This autoblogging WordPress plugin integrates all the top AI technologies including OpenAI GPT-4o, Anthropic Claude 3, Google Gemini Pro, Mistral Large, DALL∙E 3, Stable Diffusion XL, and Midjourney. Gain complete control over your prompts and take full advantage of your prompting skills to create unique, high-quality content. With AI Autoblogger, you'll create compelling content that engages your audience and sets you apart from the competition.



With the AI Autoblogger plugin, you gain complete independence from online services for creating articles using artificial intelligence. You no longer need to worry about the possibility that the site you use for article creation could become temporarily unavailable or even go out of business. There's no need to pay a service fee for each article generated. With AI Autoblogger, you use only your own API keys, which you acquire directly from AI technology providers like OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic.

Full control

Prompt engineering

Forget about the content size limitations imposed by modern language AI models. AI Autoblogger can easily generate large articles. The plugin's algorithm ensures that all parts of the articles it creates are meaningfully connected and form a cohesive artistic piece. With AI Autoblogger, you gain full control over your prompts. There are no checkboxes or menus for selecting article style or configuring their HTML structure in the settings menu. You specify all these parameters in your GPT prompt, using plain human language, as if you were giving instructions to a live copywriter!

Top AI language models

Top AI models

AI Autoblogger is integrated with the most powerful language AI models available today, including OpenAI GPT-4o, Anthropic Claude 3 (Sonnet and Opus), Google Gemini Pro 1.5 and Mistral Large (uncensored). These models are capable of generating high-quality text articles. You can access them either directly through their official APIs or through a unified API interface provided by the OpenRouter service. This integration provides versatility and ease of use for article creation. With AI Autoblogger, you can be sure that all of the latest AI models will always be available to you.

Book-length articles

Large articles

With AI Autoblogger, you can create massive, book-length articles. The plugin's algorithm effortlessly bypasses the current length limitations of language AI models on the text they generate, allowing it to produce comprehensive and contextually consistent articles of 300 pages or more of typed text. So even the most voluminous content remains cohesive and well-structured. Use detailed, section-specific prompts to generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content. Forget about "AI humanizers" because they don't work. In reality, it's the properly crafted prompts that make the difference, eliminating the need for any "humanizing" tweaks. Don't ask the AI model to write like a 4th grader, ask it to write like Mark Twain.

High quality illustrations

Mesmerizing illustrations

It's no secret that illustrations are the first thing that draws users' attention to articles. People often look at the images first and then start reading the article. The AI Autoblogger plugin is integrated with three of the most powerful AI technologies for image generation - Midjourney, DALL∙E 3, and Stable Diffusion XL. The use of these tools, along with the plugin's ability to autonomously generate prompts for creating illustrations for each text section of an article based on its content analysis, ensures that your articles will have top-notch and unique visual appeal.


Nested Spintax

AI Autoblogger supports nested Spintax, which allows you to randomly generate article titles on your chosen topic. In addition, using Spintax allows you to create prompts with complex structures. This means that the same prompt template can be transformed into a unique topic and a unique prompt for each new article, resulting in text that is different in structure and content from previous articles. This feature ensures that each article is both unique and tailored to specific content requirements.



AI Autoblogger uses AI to automatically create SEO titles and meta descriptions for your WordPress posts and pages. Integrating with plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, SEOPress, and The SEO Framework, it improves your site's SEO by following best practices, improving keyword relevance, and increasing overall visibility. By automating this process, AI Autoblogger saves you time and effort while ensuring your content is optimized for maximum reach and impact.

WordPress integration

WordPress integration

AI Autoblogger is a full-fledged WordPress plugin that not only facilitates the generation of articles using various AI models, but also automates their publication on your site as posts, pages and any custom post types registered by your theme or external plugins like WooCommerce, etc. For each generated post, you can select its author and define its publication categories. The plugin also allows you to define a list of tags and choose the status of the generated post (publish immediately, hold for review, save as draft).


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You can use these licenses to install the plugin on your personal sites, on your company’s sites, and on your customers’ sites. A license can only be active at one site. If your domain was dropped or if you need to transfer the plugin to another URL, please contact support to facilitate the process. Developers are allowed to use the AI Autoblogger license on their client’s website as long as the total number of websites doesn’t exceed the license limit. Please note that the plugin cannot be executed on a localhost. It requires a live URL.

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